About Us

An introduction to the Wheelchair Alliance

Our background

Over the last three decades there have been many reports, reviews and recommendations in relation to wheelchair services made by government, statutory and voluntary services sectors. These all indicated that there was considerable variation in wheelchair services and provision across England. In recognition of this NHS England, the body that has overall responsibility for providing wheelchair services, committed to supporting fundamental change to services as part of NHS Change Day in 2014. The full report ‘My Voice, My Wheelchair, My Life’ can be found here.

Much has been achieved, although there is still a long way to go. To champion the voice of wheelchair users at a national level, the Wheelchair Alliance was started in 2015. It developed the Wheelchair Charter which set out what is expected of commissioners and wheelchair services.

In the last year, the Wheelchair Alliance has been very busy reviewing, refreshing and reinvigorating its commitment to wheelchair users and their carers.

A young man who is a wheelchair user looking at a mobile phone with a friend in the park

What we do

We champion national accountability for wheelchair users and their carers. Our ambition is to be an umbrella organisation that represents all things related to wheelchairs and postural support, providing a louder voice and greater influence.

Our vision is ‘To transform the experience for wheelchair users in England through improved access, quality and effectiveness’.

Our mission says that ‘We will work in partnership with all relevant organisations and influence at the highest level to ensure that wheelchair users can lead qualitative, independent lives. This will be done by making sure wheelchair users are listened to and have confidence that every wheelchair service provides the choice and capability to fully deliver the outcomes of each individual person’.

What this means is clearly laid out in our strategy, where you will see one of our important objectives was to develop this website specifically to support wheelchair users and their carers to easily find the information they may need to enable them to fully understand all aspects of wheelchair provision.

One of our most important roles is acting as a critical friend when evidence shows that wheelchair provision is not meeting the standard expecting as highlighted in our Charter. We are able to talk directly with wheelchair services, commissioners, NHS England and the Department of Health & Care. Where necessary we a