Our Strategy

Wheelchair Alliance Strategic Direction 2023-2026

Our vision:

To transform the experience for wheelchair users in England through improved access, quality and effectiveness of services.

Our mission:

We will ensure the collective views of wheelchair users are represented with all relevant organisations and work in partnership to influence at the highest level, ensuring wheelchair users are empowered to lead qualitative, independent lives. This will be done by making sure wheelchair users are listened to and have confidence that every wheelchair service provides the choice and capability to fully deliver the outcomes of each individual person.


1.     To champion national accountability for wheelchair users

We will publicly support and champion services and processes that demonstrate best practice for wheelchair users and, where appropriate, their primary carers/families.
We will challenge services and processes that do not provide equitable care in an acceptable timeframe.

2.     To communicate with wheelchair users 

We will capture the voice of wheelchair users and amplify it through diverse channels.
We will be the ‘go to’ website for information relating to wheelchairs, with a commitment to the use of simple, jargon free and easily navigated forms of communication.

3.     To innovate for the benefit of wheelchair users

We will work in partnership with wheelchair users, manufacturers, policy makers, NHS England, Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) as well as local commissioners and service providers to improve services and equipment that best support independent living.
We will commission research that provides evidence to drive innovation and change.
To ensure we can move forward with these strategies we will build internal capacity to ensure sustainability by enhancing:

  • Member Intelligence: Deepen the relationship with and knowledge of Members to maximise the skills and experience they bring.
  • Increased Resources: Develop our financial resources to become an independent organisation and ensure sustainability into the future.
  • Board composition: Increase membership of the director board to underpin governance and decision making for the Community Interest Company. Increase the membership of the operational board enabling it to deliver the strategy and ensuring the directors are accountable. The majority of operational board members should be people with lived experience.
  • Communications: Focus on disseminating information in a concise manner that is free from jargon. Broaden our reach by utilising social media more effectively. 

Wheelchair Alliance Operations Plan 2023-2026

To deliver the strategic aims, the Alliance will form dedi