The Wheelchair Charter

Full details of our Wheelchair Charter


The Wheelchair Charter is a set of 6 principles that seek to ensure that everyone who needs a wheelchair gets one, and no one is left without the equipment they need because of where they live.

The Wheelchair Charter applies to:

  • NHS provided and commissioned wheelchair services (specialist professionals who provide wheelchairs via NHS referral) and
  • Private and independent suppliers of wheelchair services.

There’s also a helpful charter guide for wheelchair users to help you decide with your therapist which wheelchair is right for you, leaving you free to get on and live your life.

The Wheelchair Charter

  1. An NHS commissioned service committed to:
    • Equity of access and provision for all, irrespective of age or postcode.
    • A working partnership with wheelchair users and their family/carers, including with design, innovation and service change.
  1. Referrals:
    • From an appropriately skilled professional.
    • Undertaking assessment and wheelchair provision within the NHS constitutional right of 18 weeks.
  1. Assessment
    • Wheelchair and postural support assessment should consider all aspects of individual current and future needs, including those of carers, with a prescription maximising independence, health and well-being.
    • Clinicians will work with appropriate services to achieve goals agreed between the wheelchair user, carers and wheelchair provider. This includes access to home, school, work and leisure activities.
  1. Equipment:
    • Delivered, maintained and regularly reviewed as per nationally agreed timescales.
    • Individual reviews based on recognised outcome